FAV – 01 / cocorrina


As you know, Pinterest is my favorite site ever but that’s not it. I read many blogs and this is probably where I found most of my inspiration. I bookmark, read, screenshot, take notes. I’m someone who needs lots of images to start working so this an essential step in my creative process.

I wanted to be able to share some of the work my favorite bloggers are posting so nothing better than a new series. It’s called ‘FAV‘ and it will simply be about my a blogger or an artist I like. No interviews or anything, just pictures. We’re talking about inspiration, it’s all about what we see. x

cocorrina2_wildcherrytree cocorrina5_wildcherrytree

credits to www.cocorrina.com

SALE / asos


vans / coat / shirt / backpack / belt

I hate going to the mall to buy clothes, I know it’s bad because you can’t try them out before buying them but really, I just don’t like people (kidding). I love online shopping though and there’s always so much more. Asos is and will always stay one of my favorite online shops. Here’s my selection x

COLOR / red

wildcherrytree_redI love black and white and if you could take a look at my wardrobe that’s the only colors you would see.

Once in a while though, I got what I call a color fever. The last one on the list? Red. My previous headphones decided to fail me during my trip to Amsterdam and let me tell you, that was probably the longest journey ever. Not being able to listen to my music was awful. Once I was back the first thing I did was buy new headphones and when I saw the red ones I squealed (cutely).

Have an amazing week, x.

wildcherrytree_red2 ???????????????????????????????

MOODBOARD / cozy weekend

cozy_wildcherrytree1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I feel like this weekend will be cozy. Just a cup of tea, a candle and a blanket. Have an amazing one and see you all Monday x



I totally am the worst blogger ever but like I said a few days ago technology failed me. It made me realize how lost I was without internet and how I tend to use it for the smallest things. For four days I had to do without it and it actually was beneficial. I was able to take time to do things, to draw more and to be simply be more relaxed. I wasn’t constantly checking my mails or spending time on social networks. It was just me and it was good.

I draw this during my free time and thought I could share. I am finally back and I am more than glad. Have a beautiful day x