It’s Halloween today and let me tell you, I’m really excited! Just like every year I’m going to eat candies and watch scary movies. I honestly can’t wait to start my marathon. Are you celebrating?

Have a great weekend x

DIY / gold and black necklace


Hello there! I hope you’re okay. Remember my last DIY, it was easy right? This one is even easier -I wonder if we could do something easier to be honest. The thing is, I know we all have a job, tons of things to do and take care of, so we don’t always have hours to spend on a DIY. That’s why this one is really cool, it’s simple but pretty.



– a chain or a cotton/leather cord

– wooden beads

– spray paint

STEP 01 – Paint your wooden beads with the spray paint.

STEP 02 – Once you’re sure the beads are dry put them on your chain.





PhotographyBrittany Wood is a young photographer based in Los Angeles and you might have seen her work on Design Love Fest already. She’s super talented and her photos always perfect. She also has an amazing blog if you’re curious!

Shop – Ralph Lauren opened a coffee shop in NYC and let me tell you, that’s beautiful. There’s something very frenchy in the air.

Recipe – As you already know, it’s the season of pumpkins and mushrooms so this tart is in one word -perfect!

PostPark&Cube is my favorite blog, let’s be honest. Shini Park is talented, Shini Park is beautiful, Shini Park has a wonderful blog and this post is mind-blowing.

See you really soon, x

BEAUTY / nail polish


Apparently you liked the last beauty post so here we are again!

I often wear black, white or grey and let’s be honest, I don’t really like colors. Yes I’ve said it, fight me if you want but what can I say, to each their own. But, I like colors when it comes to accessories. For example I’m crazy about my yellow scarf, my salmon sneakers and my colorful nail polishes. I always wear nail polish and with that I can bring some color, same as the lipstick for the makeup.

Do you love nail polish? Have an amazing week x