FREEBIE / dots

wildcherrytree_dotq mac

It’s already Thursday I can’t believe it! This week went way too fast, once again, but it has been quite a productive one.

Now that you’re used to it you know that Thursday rhymes with freebie -kind of, so here we are. This week I’ve decided to work with dots and circles. As you can see with the logo of Wild Cherry Tree, I love that shape. I hope you’ll love it, x


TRAVEL / a weekend in normandy


A while ago I spent a weekend in Normandy and I love this region because of the huge beaches and beautiful landscapes. Everything seems calmer and I love going there to relax. It’s an amazing place to take a break.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took and I’ve noticed one thing, I’m always focusing on the details. Are you like that too? x


DESIGN / cottage in Wales

wildcherrytree_cottageI was reading my e-mails yesterday night when bang! I’ve been mind blown. This cottage, designed by two architects -Sarah Feather-Stone and Jeremy Young, is simply stunning. In the middle of the forest, this house is surprising by its modernity at first but the perfect choice of material makes it simply perfect. I honestly don’t know what to add except maybe, enjoy!

I’m literally in love with this house, let me know what you think of it. x

wildcherrytree_cottage2wildcherrytree_cottage3 wildcherrytree_cottage4 wildcherrytree_cottage5

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BEAUTY / lipsticks

wildcherrytree_lipstickAs I said here, I truly suck when it comes to beauty so you will never see a review or a tutorial around here. But, not knowing anything doesn’t mean I don’t like anything and since I share what I love the most on this blog, here we are!

One of the things I like the most is lipstick. I don’t wear a lot of makeup -probably due to my lack of knowledge, so wearing lipstick is always a great solution to bring something more. I love adding color on my lips. My favorite color is red and my favorite brand is probably Revlon. The value for money is really good and I love the shades the brand proposes. (Yes, I really need to read more beauty blogs to give you more information.) 

Do you wear lipstick? Any brands I should try? x