FREEBIE / geometric

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I know I know, it’s not Thursday -lucky me it’s Friday I’m exhausted, and usually I post the freebie of the week on that day but bare with me please.

Here’s a cute wallpaper to end the week, have a beautiful weekend x


IN PROGRESS / she’s a dreamer

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Today, I’m launching a new series called ‘In Progress’. I’m going to share with you some of the projects I’m working on so you can see what I’m doing besides the blog.

First thing first, I love lettering. I’ve discovered it a year ago now and I can’t seem to stop. This quote ‘she’s a dreamer’ completely matches my personality so I decided to work with colors and pictures I like as well. I took this picture of a pine during my favorite summer, two years ago, and I still can’t get over this beautiful time.

For this project I’ve wrote the quote down and then digitized it via Illustrator to be able to work with it. A long process but the result will be great I hope. For now this is the first step, I still need to work on the lettering but I might do a wallpaper with this quote so you can have it too.

Hope you like this new series, x


food, cars and monument


Here comes our weekly post!

Last week was actually quite great and relaxing. The sun was shining until Wednesday and I did a lot of interesting things. I love being on the move, never stopping for a minute. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and it’s really rewarding.

Every day I’m walking past the Opera Garnier in Paris and it’s always a pleasure. This is probably my favorite monument and the interior is just as beautiful. I also went to Starbucks Coffee and I must say it has been a really long time. I still think it’s quite expensive but sometimes we need to enjoy ourselves. I saw some beautiful sunsets too and like most of the time I took pictures of it. You should see how many sky pictures I got, it’s outrageous. Last but not least I went to the Paris Motor Show and let me tell you one thing, it was amazing. Yes I love cars, yes I took tons of pictures and no I got no regrets.

Have a beautiful week, x

INSIDE / the bedroom


Today I’m starting a new series called ‘Inside’. Each Sunday I’m going to choose a room and share pictures. Those pictures will mostly be  inspiring ones and I hope they could give you ideas for your own interior. I’m crazy about design and I love decorating. Each room has its own specificities and I think it’s important to talk about them separately. The pictures I’m going to choose will reflect my own preferences but I’m sure we’ll all find something we like along the rooms and weeks.

To begin this new series I chose the bedroom. This is usually a room we don’t use much but it doesn’t lose interest, on the contrary. It’s the first thing we see on the morning and the last thing we see at night. It needs to be cosy and warm. I personally like simplicity -a nightstand, a pretty carpet, a few books maybe and a nice lamp.

Have a beautiful Sunday and don’t forget to like the facebook page x

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