white interiors


Time to be honest with you guys, I’m obsessed with white interiors. And when I’m saying ‘obsessed’ I mean it. White walls, white floors, white furniture, white white white. But obviously, I don’t want everything to be white. A white wall with a lot of frames can be an idea, a white shelf with plants on it or a white sofa with colorful pillows. You just need to find the right balance.

As the great person I am I needed to share my obsession with you, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. x

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moodboard / fall


Autumn is my second favorite season after Summer and I couldn’t be happier at the moment. Usually, I’m always a little bit sad when Summer is over. I love eating peaches, getting a tan and chilling out during the late nights of August. Nevertheless, Summer was mostly inexistent this year so I’m really excited about this new season. I must love wearing scarfs and sweaters as much as I love wearing dresses and hats so it’s all good.

Of course it’s not Winter already, no hot chocolate and cosy afternoon under a blanket but we’re getting there. The leaves are becoming red and brown, the days are becoming shorter and for some reason I like it. Autumn is a beautiful season. My favorite fruits are starting to come back and Halloween is coming. x

club sandwich with vegetables and chicken


I guess we could say I’m a sandwich addict -even though I’m not sure this addiction exists. Every time I can I’m making myself a sandwich.

Eating a lot of sandwiches doesn’t seem really healthy but actually it is, I always use wholemeal bread and fresh products. For this one it’s quite simple, I cooked some vegetables, courgette, onion and tomatoe with chicken. I added some spices and it was ready! Easy and quick to make but the result is really tasty.


paris, sun and restaurant


Summer was rather cold and cloudy this year but since the beginning of the month the sun is back and I’m glad to be able to enjoy it. Air is warmer, the sky brighter and even if the days are becoming shorter it’s quite pleasant. I even got a tan, I’m telling you summer is here (even if a little late).

On Friday night I went to the restaurant -nothing to celebrate, the fridge was actually empty, but it was really nice and I can’t say no to a good meal. I went to Paris as well and we can clearly see a difference between August and September. The subway is crowded and the streets full of cars, taxis and bicycles.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome on the web. I’m glad to be back, x

my favorites / 01

wildcherrytree_favoritePlace – The design of this Mexican restaurant is incredible. The place is large, the colors bright and the furniture in wood. Everything I like.

Food – I’m always looking for new recipes and this omelette with cheddar and thyme just joined my top 10. If you don’t really like the recipe, I’m sure you’ll find something you like on this blog, one of my favorites.

Inspiration – I really need a new workspace. White walls, white floor, white furniture and some plants to provide a subtle splash of color - perfect.

CreationWaen is a boutique on Etsy. What can we find? Geometric terrariums. I need one asap.

See you very soon, have a beautiful week. x