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This year I won’t spend Christmas at home. I’ve decided to travel a bit and go to Amsterdam. This city looks beautiful and Christmas seems to be the perfect season to go there for the first time.

If you have any tips to give me, feel free to leave comments.

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iconsLately I found myself a new obsession, icons! It’s, first of all, useful but I also found myself staring at some logos or packaging using icons and I just loved it. I don’t know for how long I’m going to be obsessed but for now I totally am so I even designed some.

Do you love icons? Have a beautiful day, x


Like the end of an advent calendar, it’s time to sum up those last weeks. The Hello Christmas series is over and you loved it. Just like me, I realized you loved this time of the year very much. Only two days left before Christmas Eve and I can’t contain my excitement anymore. We’re finally going to spend an amazing time with our family while eating a delicious meal. Do you know what you’re going to eat by the way? I still have no idea.

Here are the posts you enjoyed the most, maybe it’s time to take another look if you’re still missing some gifts or ideas. Have an amazing week, x

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1 – Gift list for him / 2 – Printable gem ornaments / 3 – Gift list for her  / 4 – Ideas to wrap your presents

HC / 11 – table setting


Christmas is just around the corner so you better get ready to receive your guests!  Nothing better than a beautiful table to do so. If you don’t know what to do, just add some ornaments and light candles. It will be better than nothing. You can also find some inspiration in those pictures.

Have a beautiful day x

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HC / 10 – moodboard

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Christmas is in 10 days, can you believe it? I feel like the year began just yesterday. I’m more than excited though and even if time flies way too fast, I can’t wait to celebrate. Nothing better than a moodboard to put us in the perfect mood! Have a beautiful week, x